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Please fill in the questions below indicating the kinds of service you can provide. All information is confidential. It will, however, be given to any member of AA who handles Call Forwarding so the information can be used to help them with 12-Step calls.

12 Step Calls
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Can take a 12 step call daytime (9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)
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Will go see a wet drunk
Will phone a wet drunk
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Call Forwarding (Requires two years sobriety)
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Speaker Meetings
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Volunteer At The Office
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Be A.A. Contact
* Be AA contact for someone moving to the area?
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Agreement Please check here to agree with the statements below. * By checking this box, I agree to the following statements:

I will not discuss any information regarding the personnel, the office, or the policy and procedures with anyone other than the paid employees or the Board of Trustees of Northeast Central Services Inc.

When answering the Northeast Central Service telephone Hotline, I will honor the anonymity of callers, not discussing who called or what was said with anyone. Further, when answering the Hotline, I will not discuss any personnel or policies regarding Northeast Central Services Inc. I understand that as a volunteer on the Hotline my purpose is solely to help callers find an A.A. meeting and/or to contact a person from our twelve step list to call them back.