Callers Seeking Help For Themselves

  1. Problem with Alcohol and Wants to Get/Stay Sober
    • Talk to them, relate to them.
    • Find a meeting or other Central Office/Intergroup if not local (
  1. Drunk or Doesn’t Want to Get Sober
    • Ask them to call again when they are ready.
  2. Seeking Detox or Treatment
  3. Problem Other Than Alcohol
  4. Thinking of Harming Oneself
  5. Other Immediate Crises


Callers Seeking Help For Someone Else

  1. Ask Caller to Have the Alcoholic Call or Chat with Us
    • Refer caller to Al-Anon 918-627-9114


Troublesome Callers (Offensive, Controversial, Divisive, Argumentative, Etc.)

  1. DO NOT RESPOND, If You Do Respond and Recognize as a Troll, Stop Responding and Simply End the Conversation


Callers Asking For Meetings

  1. Suggest or The Meeting Guide app


Callers Asking About AA Events

  1. Suggest Seeing the Online Calendar, or Call During Office Hours
  2. (Optionally) Check the Calendar for Them


Callers Asking About Literature Or Other Merchandise

  1. Ask Them to Call the Office During Office Hours