Information About A.A.


Information about A.A. in the U.S. and Canada, and around the world can be found on our General Service Office web site, The following links to that site may be helpful:

Northeast Oklahoma A.A. is the home of some 2,800 A.A. members in 130 A.A. groups, which comprise A.A.'s East Northeast and West Northeast Oklahoma Districts. A.A. Groups offer their message of hope in 65 Northeastern Oklahoma cities and towns, with multiple groups in the larger cities. In those larger cities, meetings are offered every day, and often at multiple times of day; morning, noon, late afternoon, and evening. Tulsa is home to some 75 A.A. groups with over 200 meetings each week.

Individuals can contact Alcoholics Anonymous in NE Oklahoma by calling our 24-hour hot line at (918) 627-2224. A member of A.A. will answer directly (no answering service) and can answer questions, provide information about A.A., or arrange for a personal contact in A.A.

Times and locations of meetings can by found on the meetings page of this web-site or by calling the hot line.