Northeast Central Service

Serving Alcoholics Anonymous in Northeast Oklahoma

Districts We Serve

District Service Opportunities

While the Districts and NECS are autonomous entities, we do cooperate in serving the Fellowship and helping to reach the alcoholic who still suffers. Listed below are some additional service areas where you can help carry the message of hope and recovery. Check out the Area 57 (Oklahoma) District Map if you need help determining the correct district for your group. Note that Tulsa is split down the middle by district 30 and 40 with Lewis Ave being the dividing line.

  • Archives – group history and A.A. historical materials.
  • Bridge the Gap – provides alcaholics being released from a facility with a temporary contact and a plan to get them to A. A. meetings immediately on discharge from the facility
  • Corrections – carry the message of recovery to those behind bars
  • Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) – establish better communications with professionals (physicians, nurses, clergy, attorneys, social workers, and those working in the field of alcoholism) and inform them about what A. A. is, where it is, what A. A. can do and what it cannot do
  • Grapevine – A.A.’s meeting in print available anytime, anywhere – vital all over the world
  • Gratitude – encouraging members to be grateful and give back to A.A. by making contrubitions on your A.A. birthday (or that of a friend)
  • Assessibilities – assist those with special needs (different languages, physical limitations, etc.) so that everyone can hear the message
  • Policy & Procedure – maintain the Oklahoma Area 57 Policy & Procedure Manual and assist members of the fellowship with procedural or policy questions
  • Public Information – informing the general public about the A.A. program by providing panels, talks, display tables at health fairs, etc.
  • Technology – establishing guidelines for all things technology in carrying the message
  • Treatment – taking meetings into treatment centers and other recovery facilities